Embajada en Belice

A Tango Show in Belize for the first time

Belice City, November 28

More than 300 people at the Bliss Center enjoyed last 26 and 28 November a show of Leonardo D'Aquila and Antonia Lema that consisted in several numbers of what is called "stage tango". The two dancers explained to the audience the lower class origins of this typical Argentine dance, and improvised a number of Salon Tango, to show how it was danced in the middle of the XX Century.

The show by the "Argen-Mex" (Argentine-Mexican) dancers was the first tango presentation in living memory in Belize.

After both shows, Leonardo D'Aquila and Antonia Lema gave a "master class" that was attended by 30 young dancers, who were taught the basics of this dance.

The presentation was made within the framework of the Dance X Festival Belize 2015 and with the support of the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Fondo argentino de cooperación sur-sur y triangular