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Mauricio Macri is the new President of Argentina

Buenos Aires, December 10

The President Elect arrived in the Argentine Congress with Vice-President Gabriela Michetti. Both of them signed the Honour Book and went into the Lower Chamber, where he took oath as the 52nd President of the Argentine Nation.

Macri took oath this midday (Argentine timezone) before the Legislative Assembly and pronounced his first speech as President, where he stated that the three central guidelines of his tenure will be "zero poverty, tackle illicit drug trafficking and unite the Argentines". He also said he will search the "art of agreement" and he will not tolerate corruption.

In a 25 minute long speech before Latin American presidents, members of the Supreme Court of Justice, governors, special guests and officials from the new Government, the President said that "even though the country has people that think differently, it is not divided" and he called on all Argentines to unite to "grow and be better".

"We have to cut confrontation out of the scene", said the new President in his speech to the Legislative Assembly, stating that "with agreements, we all win", whereas "with irrational fights no one wins".

"We can think differently, but law must be respected and state institutions cannot be overhelmed with personal projects or use power for personal benefit, because that is to violate the law", said Macri, who called on every Argentine to share their ideas for a "common project".

Moreover, he said that the central aims of his Government will be "zero poverty, tackle illicit drug trafficking and unite the Argentines", and that he "will not tolerate corruption" in his Government or others.

"This Government will combat corruption. Public goods belong to all Argentine citizens and it is unacceptable that a Government official use it as if it belonged to him", said Macri in his Inauguration Speech.

He also said that "a new time is coming, where dialogue and respect with social justice will prevail", and that the "the aim of uniting the Argentines is to add all their visions to build a 21st Century Argentina".

With information of the Argentine Government News Agency Telam.

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