Embajada en Belice

Ambassador Chuburu delivered aid to Belize after "Eearl"

Mexico City, 29 August 2016

The Argentine Ambassador to Mexico met today with his counterpart from Belize and formally delivered 9 boxes with 68.200 purifying tablets that will be used to make drinkable 1.841.400 liters of water. According to Belizean authorities, this will help to supply safe water to 8.000 victims of hurricane "Earl" for one month.

The Belize Ambassador to Mexico, Oliver del Cid thanked specially appreciated this aid from Argentina and stressed that any help, no matter how little it may be, will always be welcome by his country.

In this way, Argentina is added to the large list of countries that over the last weeks have been supplying humanitarian relief to Belize so that this nation can cope with the damage caused by hurricane "Earl" last 4 August.

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