Embajada en Belice

Argentina donated books to the National Library of Belize (BNLSIS)

Belmopan, 6 June, 2017

Spanish versions of classics, such as Conrad’s "Typhoon", Doyle’s "Adventure of the Sussex Vampire", as well as illustrated childrens’ books, such as "Stories among Tombstones" of Luciano Saracino are just a small part of the 50 books that belong from this Monday on to the 15 Libraries of the National Information System (BNLSIS) of Belize.

Felene Swaso, Chief Librarian at the National Library of Belize in Belmopan thanked the Argentine Government for the donation and explained that it will help hundreds of children and students that visit Public Libraries in Belize each year. She also said that the books will be particularly useful in Northern part of the country, where an important Belizean community of Mexican and Guatemalan origin is based. And finally, she also said that books on Natural Sciences, Social Sciences and Mathematics are the most required by BNLSIS.

Daniel Chuburu said he was very pleased by the donation, which will allow many Belizean children to know more about the Spanish language and the Argentine culture, and he also said he will strive to donate more books in the years to come.

Fondo argentino de cooperación sur-sur y triangular