Embajada en Belice

Belize takes part in Workshop on the design of international cooperation projects

Buenos Aires, 25 July 2014


An official of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belize participated with professionals from 21 countries of South America, the Caribbean and Africa this workshop given by experts from the Directorate General for international cooperation of the Foreign Ministry in Buenos Aires.

Their participation is part of the strategy of the Belizean Ministry of Foreign Affairs strengthen its area of international cooperation, a goal in which the Argentina provides its accompaniment through the South-South cooperation.

How to achieve a project planning is done in a participatory manner with the beneficiary community? What tools are needed to monitor that the good progress of cooperation projects? How to assess their results? Here are some of the issues addressed 24 officers who participated in the workshop, to be issued according to the Japanese methodology of the Project Cycle Management (PCM).

The Belizean diplomat joins more than 1000 officers trained in the Argentina and abroad during the past 9 years by the Argentine Foreign Ministry officials.

The workshop consisted of two stages: a first analysis and design of projects, along with a second of monitoring and evaluation. At the end of the training activity, each of the participants met with the trainers to adjust details of the real projects that work on the Virtual Classroom platform Moodle developed during the coming months, which will coordinate the DGCIN.

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