Embajada en Belice

Belize at the Latin American International Tourism Exhibition 2014 in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, 25 October 2014

The country's stand offers information about its touristic 
attractions, such as the Belize Coral Reef Barrier, the second largest 
in the world.

Two officials from the Belize Tourist Board (BTB), the state 
organization that promotes the country as a tourist destination 
travelled to Argentina to take part in the Latin American International Tourism Exhibition (FIT, 2014) that is held in Buenos Aires from 
October 25 to next Tuesday.

The Argentine Undersecretary of Touristic Quality at the Ministry of Tourism took part in the stand's inauguration ceremony.

In this way, Belize moves forward in the implementation of its 
strategy to market the country as an alternative touristic destination 
in the Caribbean to the Latin American market.

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